Things to do in the city

Here’s a guide about activities you can do while your visiting our backpackers hostel in Brisbane.

The list is based on the #top5 recommendation from TripAdvisor:

#1 CityCat Ferry


Brisbane City Council operates a fleet of 21 CityCats and nine monohull ferries (including CityHoppers) along a network of 25 terminals stretching from The University of Queensland at St Lucia (UQ St Lucia) to Northshore Hamilton.

CityCats operate seven days a week with regular services every 15 minutes for most of the day, and express routes and more frequent services during peak times. Further information about ferry services, including timetables, can be found on the TransLink website.



#2 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

100619_Brisbane_Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary_d363-34.jpg

Australia’s first and largest koala sanctuary, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is home to over a hundred cute and cuddly koalas, along with other weird and wonderful native Australian animals like wombats, emus, dingos and kangaroos.

Contact us for your tour planning or visit their website!


#3 Roma Street Parkland

A beautiful Park.

“This beautiful park is well laid out and very colourful and great for a relaxing stroll, going downhill that is. Wonderful and moving remembrance corner in the park that also remembers the Vietnam Vets”.

#4 The Brisbane River


Brisbane is a city shaped by the river. It is a city of long walks in the summer dusk and riverside picnics on weekends. Bringing natural life to the urban scape, the Brisbane River is the site of many of Brisbane’s best attractions, events and everyday joys.

#5 Mount Coot-tha Lookout


Brisbane’s all-natural lookout point and city escape is Mt Coot-tha, hovering above the city to its west. The views from the lookout are legendary, taking in Brisbane and the undulating Brisbane River, all the way to Moreton Bay and the Glass House Mountains on the horizon. At the foot of the mountain, the lush Brisbane Botanic Gardens provide a vivid touch of green.


We have a tour booking person available at the hostel, so contact us for any information or bookings.

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